CMDB Tool: Is the core network included in the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

CMDB tools now add a visualization layer, but in many cases, charge extra for the feature.


your enterprise vulnerability management program can reach its full potential when it is built on well-established foundational goals that address the information needs of all stakeholders, when its output is tied back to the goals of your enterprise and when there is a reduction in the overall risk of the organization . These tools deliver predictive insights and execute preventative, automated actions on the path to self-healing IT.


Most organizations recognize the value of investing in a CMDB, but are wary of the cost involved and assume that the CMDB must contain information about every IT asset. An accurate inventory of what assets and configuration items exist in your IT ecosystem is the foundation of your CMDB. Your CMDB will provide direct benefits in most of the processes which have their own business case.


A configuration management database (CMDB) is a data repository that acts as a data warehouse or inventory for information technology (IT) installations. With the federated CMDB approach, data initially resides in individual point tools and is imported into a central database. On the other hand, the standard CMDB will often lack crucial data center asset detail, especially a dynamic dashboard with real-time and historical.


The automation process can be done either with agents that are deployed everywhere or through an agentless discovery method. Having an understanding of the tool inventory can have a great impact on the eventual data model and database structure. Your maintenance plan provides a simplified software setup and an improved user management experience so that you can stay focused on designing and making, without worrying about your software, if you are considering implementing your organization intelligence tool, or BI tool, there are tons of different options.


A range of ITSM tools and solutions have been implemented across all industries to secure the delivery of reliable and secure IT services. It provides a means of understanding organizations critical information systems, upstream sources, and dependencies, as well as the downstream asset. Replace your manual processes, non-integrated point solutions, or overly complex software suite with the industrys most comprehensive endpoint systems management solution and give your IT team more time to innovate.


Configuration management as a process area addresses how the data is to be kept up to date, an historic weakness of metadata repositories. IT service management (ITSM) is the activities that are performed by your organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers . Moreover, the more the CMDB is integrated with other IT tools (monitoring systems, reporting tools, automated inventory, etc.), the better.


Working across teams to eliminate redundancies and keep your CMDB accurate and up-to-date. These federated data sources are simply tools and repositories that hold service information other management domains may need to access. To establish a review process that ensures that the CMDB accurately reflects the up-to-date IT environment. A set of tools and databases that are used to manage an IT service providers configuration data.

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